Finnish Proteomics Society (FinnProt) was founded in November 2004 as the Proteomics Division of the BioBio Society and represents Finland in the European Proteomics Association, EuPA.

The mission of FinnProt is to make proteomics research readily available for the large scientific community in Finland, promote research and education in proteomics and protein chemistry, and act as the official Finnish collaborative body to international proteomics organizations.

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Last updated 13/12/2013:
  • New Board!
  • 05/3/2014: Everyone interested in FinnProt activities are warmly welcomed to FinnProt general assembly, which takes place during the Nordic Proteomics Conference 2014 in Turku.
  • 13/12/2013: Nordic Proteomics Conference 2014 will be held on 11-13 March in Turku. Registration is open!
  • 08/11/2013: Bouncing e-mails! If your e-mail address has changed, please send your updated contact information to our secretary Piia-Riitta Karhemo.
  • 26/8/2013: 2nd announcement of the 4th biannual FinnProt Students´ Day “Sample Preparation in Proteomics”. Registration is open!
  • 23/8/2013: Thermo Scientific Roadshow 2013 “Transform Your Science” seminar tour is visiting Turku 3rd and Helsinki 4th of September. Registration is open.
  • 13/8/2013: 4th biannual FinnProt Students´ Day “Sample Preparation in Proteomics” will be held on 24th September 2013 in Hanasaari. Registration is open!
  • 26/4/2013: FinnProt executive board composition changes a bit: We thank leaving members, Evi Monogioudi and Reetta Nylund, for their active work in FinnProt, and we welcome a new member, Sandra Söderholm, on board.
  • 19/ 4/2013: Advanced Course in Modern Protein Chemistry and Proteomics (27-31 May, Helsinki)
  • 28/3/2013: Final program for FinnProt course “Quantitation with MS/MSMS” is available!
  • 25/3/2013: 7th EuPA Congress in Saint-Malo, France in October 14th-17th, 2013.  Registration opens on 1st April. Abstract submission deadline June 14th.
  • 25/3/2013: 12th HUPO World Congress in Yokohama Japan in September 14th-18th, 2013. Abstract submission deadline April 15th.
  • 15/3/2013: UPCP 2013 - Up Close and Personalized – The 2nd International Congress on Personalized Medicine will take place in Paris, France from 25-28 July, 2013
  • 13/3/2013: Registration is now open for FinnProt course “Quantitation with MS/MSMS”. More information on “Courses and conferences” page.
  • 16/1/2013: FinnProt course “Quantitation with MS/MSMS” in April 4th and 5th 2013 in Biomedicum Helsinki
  • 11/1/2013: Important deadlines for Proteomic Forum 2013 (Berlin) are approaching: Deadline for abstract submission is 31/1/2013 and for Early Bird Rate is 15/2/2013
  • 29/10/2012: Proteomic Forum 2013 (Berlin)
  • 27/09/2012: Course “Introduction to Basic Protein Chemistry and Proteomics with Clinical Applications” (15-19 October 2012, Helsinki)
  • 10/09/2012: Big thank you to former members of executive board: Suvi Ravela (former president), Carolin Kolmeder (former Secretary), Juho Miettinen and Minna Korolainen for investing so much time and effort for Finnprot and many successful years. Also thanks to former administrative board member Jaana Vesterinen. We wish them all the best for the future and hope to see them at many future FinnProt events.
  • 10/09/2012: Update: Executive and advisory board members
  • 18/ 5/2012:  CONFERENCES: Call for the presentation of LATE BREAKING RESULTS in Glasgow (10+11 July 2012)
  • 30/ 4/2012: Registration for 5th FinnProt Symposium (6-7 June 2012) open
  • 5/  4/2012: Proteomics Course in Helsinki (21-25 May 2012)
  • 15/12/2011: Update
  • 15/11/2011: Course “Proteomics data analysis using R II” + Extended registration deadline for 2nd Nordic Symposium
  • 11/10/2011: Course “Protein identification by MSMS” + 2 open PhD positions (Germany)
  • 16/ 9/2011: Course: “Introduction to Basic Protein Chemistry and Proteomics” (Oct 2011)
  • 25/ 8/2011: Registration open for 2nd Nordic PROTEOMICS Symposium
  • 4/ 8/2011: Update COURSES AND CONFERENCES
  • 8/ 7/2011: Registration for 10th HUPO Congress open
  • 10/ 5/2011: Proteomics Course im Biomedicum
  • 27/4/2011: NEWS about Student Day and other courses/conferences
  • 5/4/2011: FinnProt GRANTS available (new deadline: 15.4.2011!)
  • 4/ 3/2011: FinnProt GRANTS available (deadline 20.3.2011)
  • 17/2/2011: Open position (Turku), 5th  Summer School in Dubrovnik
  • 20/1/2011: Proteomic Forum 2011 – Abstract Deadline soon!
  • 7/1/2011: Student Day (27 May, Espoo)
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